Glamour and Sensuality – Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week

Elie Saab is one of the most influential Fashion Designers & Couturiers.

A self-though fashion talent, he launched his first fashion label at 18 and his couture atelier had a dozen employees. His style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture.

mydesignweek_elie saab

His Spring/Summer 2014 collection at the Paris Fashion Week gave the audience a touch of freshness, glamour and sensuality, providing the girl next door a collection she can wear on her day-to-day life. Not to much, not too little – just perfect.

Here are My Design Week favourite looks.

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweekmydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek2

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek3mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek4

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek5mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek6

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek7mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek8

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek9mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek10

mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek11mydesignweek_elie saab_spring summer14_ parisfashionweek12

The designer magnifies femininity working with fine material, delicate embroideries with outstanting quality.” One can read on his website.

Elie Saab dazzles with his intricate detail and strong sense of beauty.”

Image Source: Vogue FR

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