Paris Fashion Week: Top 10 things at Chanel Show

After Paris Fashion Week there is much to talk about! One of the most iconic shows was with no doubt Chanel’s event, crowed and full of beautiful clothing and accesories. My Design Week tells you everything about it!

Chanel’s Spring Show 2016 was set by Karl Largerfeld on the skies with airplanes all around. The show happened in a Chanel-themed airport terminal and there you could see some gorgeous accessories! Let’s see the top 10 things at Chanel Show:

1. the Grand Palais was transformed into an authentic airport terminal with everything: baggage check, numbered gates, a departures and arrivals board and baggage carts stamped with double-C logos.


2. The front row was crowed with the most influential people in the fashion area. Chanel inspirational girls like Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis, Cara Delevingne, and St. Vincent.


3. Edie Campbell opened the show in a multicolored tweed jumpsuit with silver sandals and a silvery headband, toting a black Chanel rolling suitcase and carryall.


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4. The airport theme was also into clothing and in the accessories. The red, white, and blue airplane pins that adorned some looks will make it possible for any ensemble to be ready for travel from the Chanel terminal.


5. Many looks featured backward baseball caps. When they didn’t, the models’ hair was worn with several headbands and pulled back into two low pigtails at the nape of the neck.


5. After some beautiful and casual dresses you could see some ladies wear on the show, pretty and classic dresses for her.


7. Lagerfeld sent out an array of silvery sandals and lace-up boots, but the footwear that really caught the eye of guests were the light-up Velcro sandals.


8. The eyes have it at Chanel—“it” being either a dusting of electric teal shadow or a giant pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses.


9. A different way to see traveling is carrying just the minimal things in Chanel’s new micro-size luggage bag.

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10. Last but not least Lagerfeld picked up two of his frequent collaborators from the front row, Delevingne and Hudson Kroenig (who was dressed as a pilot), and walked with them around the set.

Chanel always stuns with their amazing shows with themes that blow your mind! What do you think? Comment on the comment section below and also, do not forget to:

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