The master of molecular food design, Ahmad Fakhry

Ahmad Fakhry has created one of the most mouth-watering things My Design Week has heard of: Eating Objects. A bold project that is a design exploration of food, molecular gastronomy and an eating experience.

mydesignweek_ahmad fakhyr_eating objects


These ‘eating objects’ (on the image above) were actually created as tools to enjoy a multi sensatory meal for the Edible Exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery.

By using the processes and techniques of molecular gastronomy to form the food in new ways I could control different tastes, colours and textures to have food look and feel like something else. ” Says Fakhry

mydesignweek_ahmad fakhyr_eating objects4

This demonstration video shows possible culinary creations that include green pea and truffle ravioli; arugula spaghetti; paintable food balls; nitrogen pops and a trio of black jellies.

Ahmad Fakhry explaines it:

I have designed a series of tools for the users to engage with when constructing each product. These tools let the user experience the food in an entirely different way and it gives them an insight into the techniques that are usually kept so secret and it allows them to see the transformation of the food.”

mydesignweek_ahmad fakhyr_eating objects2

mydesignweek_ahmad fakhyr_eating objects3

The tools are made out of brass and porcelain, chosen for their luxurious appeal and ability to age well. Fakhry wanted his design to be sleek, clean and minimalist so as not to “over-stimulate” the user.

mydesignweek_ahmad fakhyr

He and his partner, Cian Corcoran, operate out of Dublin, they are DesignGoat.

Sources: The Independant, Fine Dinning Lovers and Cargocollective.

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