‘Eat Me. Appetite for Design’ – the delicious design book

This is the book you should literally judge by its cover. It looks like a giant wafer and can even be ordered it in ‘two flavours’: white Vanilla or brown Chocolate.

Looking at this cover I can’t help but saying ‘You’ve got cookies, so share it maybe!‘ (Cookie Monster)

mydesignweek_eat me appetite for design_cover

As perfectly put by the publisher, Victionary, “EAT ME takes out a slice of modern life where food has been taken as the medium to promote social interactions and ginger up our every day. In addition to the highly competitive realm of food packaging design, the book also features a symphony of recent art creations, social events, identity projects, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products inspired by food.”

mydesignweek_eat me appetite for design_corner

Between ‘bites’ you can savor inventive food packaging projects, elegant restaurant identities and interiors, and food-based art projects.


Sources: http://www.creativereview.co.uk & http://chuknum.com


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