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The Most Insane Bras In Music History

The music world is well-known for toned-up styles. Over the years many singers (girls) have upped the anti with, well, their bras. Whether they shoot fire, bullets or whipped cream, or are made from…

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World Architecture by National Geographic

As always Nation Geographic, shows us the World of imagination, the fantasy world of Architecture, both online and in print. Today, My Design Week grabs some amazing pictures from the National Geographic website to…

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Mike Pelletier’s Kinetic Portraits

Canadian artist Mike Pelletier has been researching and experimenting with methods of creating multidimensional portraits for years. Pelletier is an interactive artist & technical director who has participated and hosted a number of creative technology…

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World’s Best Shopping Streets

Today, My Design Week gives you a different kind of City Guide with the world’s best streets to shop in, for you who are a fan of luxury shopping. 10. Laugavegur, Reykjavik,…

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Forbidden never tasted so…photogenic?

Well, yes. Artist Kyle Bean collaborated with photographer Aaron Tilley and stylist David Bradley to create the Forbidden Fruit series for The Gourmand, the award-winning food and culture journal. The concept takes food photography to a whole…

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Dropbox office in San Francisco

So, is Dropbox cooler than Google? Asks Bloomberg in this episode of Secret Valley. Truth be told: everyone nowadays needs a place to dump all the stuff they have on their computers so Dropbox…

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Paris Men’s Spring-summer 15

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) preserve Paris’ position as the world Capital of Fashion Design. The aim is to facilitate the growth of emerging brands, defend Intellectual Property Rights, and develop Training and Education…

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Vogue,120 years of fashion

“The best cover is always the next one, the one you haven’t seen yet.“, says Anna Wintour. And the fact is Vogue has been on people’s mind for 120 years. Decade after decade,…

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Small luxury-hotels in Paris

Designed by the most talented hotel interior designers, these design hotels will awake your senses to an incredible luxury travel and hotel experience in The City of Light. Hôtel de Vendôme, Place…


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