Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

Karl Lagerfeld and his Rolls | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

“RRs are very beautiful cars. And I don’t say this out of politeness. I wouldn’t say it about French cars.” Karl Lagerfeld

Over 100 years over the beginning of Roll-Royce, the brand remains a symbol of style and is still seen as the epitome of British elegance. Celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Lady Gaga have fell for the brand’s charisma.

Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

The aero-engine manufacturing company was founded on 15 March 1906 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce. The first Rolls-Royce ever made was the Silver Ghost – the origin of Rolls-Royce’s claim of making the “Best car in the world“. Nowadays, it is considered the most valuable car in the World with an insured value of US$200 million. (in the image below a 1907 Silver Ghost)

1907 Silver Ghost | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

There are many legends preparing you for coming face to face with a Rolls-Royce, like the one that many Italians thought to be true as late as the 1970s: namely that only members of a royal family were allowed to purchase a Rolls-Royce. Or the story of an Englishman, whose Rolls-Royce broke down while traveling through Spain. As none of the Iberian garages were able to deal with the British technology, a mechanic had to be dispatched from the company’s Crewe headquarters. Once back home, the customer asked to be sent the invoice. The terse response: there was no record of a Rolls-Royce ever having broken down … – GG Magazine

Phantom IV limousine bought by Pricess Elizabeth, now Queen | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

In the post war environment, the Rolls was a very short out car, specially among royal families. The then Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth, acquired one in 1949. (image above)

1963 Silver Cloud III | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

Following the Silver Ghost, Rolls-Royce produced the Silver Cloud (above) and Silver Shadow (below), which according to them was produced for “owner-drivers.” If the owner was to become his own chauffeur, he could at least expect to sit as comfortably as before in the back of the car. In addition to this, RR banked on the visually prominent trunk, which allowed families to go on leisurely trips. GG Magazine

1965 Silver Shadow | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

The Silver Shadow was favoured by supermodel Twiggy and Steve McQueen and appeared in many films.

The modern Rolls-Royce

In 1973, Rolls-Royce was bought by BMW and sold the company do Volkswagen in 1998.

The flying Lady, the Rolls-Royce symbol | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

Just like the Renaissance masters designed their architectural trompes-l’oeil in order to add a magical dimension to reality, Rolls-Royce creations always enter into a very unique relationship with reality. Their appearance is that all-important bit more generous, without the obtrusiveness of some of the big, flashy American cars. GG Magazine

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

Since 2012, Giles Taylor has been leading the Rolls-Royce design team. “Rolls-Royce cars will continue to offer an extraordinary aura, which goes above and beyond a simple shape, so that the observer is transported to a mood and feelings which transcends the everyday” – Giles Taylor

2011 Ghost | Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase | Rolls-Royce, a symbol of style

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