Eat Drink Design Signature Snacks

Eat Drink Design is an exclusive temporary restaurant furnished by Dutch designers and artists, “an innovative platform for the creative industries“. The concept is a partnership between designers Annemoon Geurts and Koen Rijnbeek and cook Edwin Severijn.

It is a food experience combining haute cousine, contemporary design and arts. “Eat Drink Design is more than just catering, more than just a static exhibition, but a cultural meeting place with added value.”, says the organization.

mydesignweek_eat drink design_ddw

The restaurant is set up inside a greenhouse in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. Each night one of the Dutch designers is link to a leading Dutch chef to prepare a stylish dinner event, creating the Signature Snacks.

The assignment was not an easy one: in addition to being innovative, beautifully presented, delicious and true to both of their trademarks, the haute cuisine snacks should also be easy to produce so they could be sold for just 5 euro’s, straight from the vending machine.”

My Design Week shows you the snacky projects presented at this year’s Eat Drink Design.


mydesignweek_signature-snacks-bite3_eat drink design_ddw13mydesignweek_signature-snacks-bite3_eat drink design_ddw13_

Is the signature snack by Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta (Drift) and Yuri Wiesen (Restaurant 1910). It was design to incorporate nine different tastes arranged as a tasty mosaic. The sequence in which they are eaten determines the culinary experience.

Donut holes on a Jack

mydesignweek_signature-snacks-donut-holes-on-a-jack_eat drink design_ddw13

The Signature Snack by Maarten Baptist (Joine) and Chris Fraass (CMF culinair). These are peanut-butter and jelly donut-holes with cotton candy.

Quail in Cooked Clay

mydesignweek_signature-snacks-quail-in-cooked-clay_eat drink desing_ddw13

By Kiki van Eijk and Johan van Groeninge (Avant-Garde). The concept derives from the restaurant’s famous dish: spring chicken in chamotte clay. Van Eijik added her own concept by designing the ceramics that need to be broken in order to get the quail.

Small Medium Large

mydesignweek_signature-snacks-small-medium-large_eat drink design_ddw13

By Dinie van den Heuvel (d’Andt) and Gerard Wollerich (Restaurant Wollerich). The snack is approched such as clothes in a store: “Whether your preferred appetite size is S, M of L: they are all priced the same.”

Autumn Dream

mydesignweek_signature-snacks-autumn-dream_eat drink design_ddw13

The Signature Snack by Mara Skujeniece and Peter Koehn (De Karpendonkse Hoeve. It is an eatble pillow made of dough with “a croquet of wild autumn mushrooms, an olive of ground wild boar and coloured beets are presented in an earthy design with a contemporary twist.”

Bouillabaisse Désire

mydesignweek_signature-snacks-bouillabaisse-desire_eat drink design_ddw13

By Joost van Bleiswijk and Dick Middelweerd (De Treeswijkhoeve). A snack designed to combine different elements: “a traditional bouillabaisse in a jelly, with a marshmallow of lobster and a pearl of rouille in a construction of crostinis.”

Source: Eat Drink Design

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