Food inspired furniture Design

For you, food lover, some other food lovers have created mouthwatering furniture so you an eat with your eyes. What do you think?

Chocolate Bar Sofa

Chocolate Bar Sofa | Food Inspired Furniture Design

My dream-sofa by italian designer Diego Gugliermetto. No, seriously, this is one of the best and most delicious designs ever made. And look at those pufs? See more here.

Campbell Soup Lights

Campbell Soup Light | Food Inspired Furniture Design

For soup lovers… and Ingo Maurer lovers as well.

Meat Chair

Meat Chair | Food Inspired Furniture Design

Morbid yes. A lot. By Simone Racheli. The chair is only one of a number of pieces Racheli created of faux flesh and sinew.

Egg Rug

Egg Rug | Food Inspired Furniture Design

By Valentina Audrito. A luxurious rug with leather pillows serving as head cushings. And it has a cute name too: Sunny Shag Up.

Chocolate Dining Room

Chocolate Dining Room | Food Inspired Furniture Design

All I know is that this is made by a Lituanian store. If you know more, leave a comment below.

Banana Lounger

Banana Lounger | Food Inspired Furniture Design

It is the luxurious R15 Chair by Redo Studio.

So, feeling hungry now?

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