The Best Luxury Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Projects

Today, My Design Week decided to show you the most luxurious interior design projects by the best interior designers. From Flos to Roberto Cavalli, these projects inspire us all by how the pieces harmoniously fit together. Hope you feel inspired:




A Private Residence By Flos

The Best Luxury Interior Design Projects

This Private residence, by Flos Furniture, art is everywhere to be found. The architectural features are perfectly merged with the Italian brand’s furniture. The beginnings of Flos (meaning “flower” in Latin) blossomed from a brilliant idea: to create objects, starting with a light bulb, that would change the way of life for both the Italian market and the foreign markets.

In 1972, the “Italy The New Domestic Landscape” show at New York City’s MoMA– the most important museum of contemporary art in America – was a phenomenon of unprecedented popularity celebrating the culture of art and industry. Flos was featured in the show with several pieces – in particular by the Castiglioni brothers – consolidating the brand as an international avant-garde company. From that moment, the firm’s development and its popularity went hand-in-hand. Between the ’70s and ’80s, they expanded their production with new facilities, their market with branches abroad, and their product catalog (which included the acquisition of dell’Arteluce by Gino Sarfatti).

The Best Luxury Interior Design Projects

Under Piero Gandini’s management, Flos focused on the harmony between iconic forms, artisan craftsmanship and mass-production technology. However, the crucial step towards change came with the realization that contemporary objects can be a form of expression, with as many stylistic interpretations as there are languages in the world. And so, Piero Gandini called upon the most promising talents in international design: from the “futuristic” style of Australian Marc Newson (with his Helice Lamp in 1993) to the English prophet of minimalist design Jasper Morrison, to Konstantin Grcic, the most refined and eclectic German designer.

Roberto Cavalli in I Love Florence Tower in Dubai

The Best Luxury Interior Design Projects

A new luxury tower in Dubai named “I Love Florence” will be the first in the world to carry the “Roberto Cavalli” brand, bringing the glitz and glamour of runway to private homes. For the first time, Roberto Cavalli designs the interiors of an iconic residential tower with a range of exquisite home accessories and ornate fittings from Cavalli interiors.

The rich interiors of Roberto Cavalli will project bespoke living spaces adding depth, character, and style. They will be an embodiment of all the strength and glamour of the Maison ‘Roberto Cavalli lifestyle‘, delivering energy, prestige, emotion, success, and desire to experience.”

He added: “We are excited to work on this project that combines the sophistication of fascinating Florence with the famed luxury of dazzling Dubai. The interiors of the lavish 34-storey waterfront skyscraper, located in one of the world’s greatest urban transformations, will offer its residents a refined living experience that also echoes the romantic vibes of the rustic streets of Florence.”

Baccarat Paris Private Residences

The Best Luxury Interior Design Projects

Baccarat has graced its presence in some unique, luxurious projects. From hospitality projects to private residences, the French brand adds that Luxurious touch to any project. Transforming matter into an object of desire has been the calling and talent of Baccarat artisans for over 250 years, targeting perfection.

It takes 15 years to master the techniques, tap the infinite possibilities for sculpting crystal. Baccarat boasts the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury House.


What do you think about these amazing interior design projects? Feel free to comment and share!





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