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3D Printed Food: Oreo personalized cookies

3D Printed Food: Oreo personalized cookies

Oreo has launched a machine that allows you to customize your own Oreo cookies. This machine uses a technique similar to a 3D printing to make a cookie with whatever colors and flavors you choose – including banana, mint, birthday cake and lime.

Reshaping product design, Maya Design was the creator of this vending machine. Users can browse through 12 flavors on a touch screen and watch as their custom cookies are built.

The vending machine lifts up a chocolate cookie before squeezing frosting onto it in a swirl. Then it fills in the empty spaces with white cream, before placing the cookie on top. Here is a video of how it works:

The Trending/Vending machine is not 3-D printing in the sense that many of us have come to understand – a layer-by-layer creation of an object out of a polymer substance. When it comes to food, the notion of 3-D printing is more of a squirt technology. So in a sense, the promise of a 3-D printed cookie falls a bit short. Standing in front of the machine, it looked more like a singular, customizable production line. Fast Co.create

3D Printed Food: Oreo personalized cookies

This will be ‘revolutionizing the distribution process by creating the cookies in real time with experimental 3D printing technology.’, says Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at food company Mondelez International

The machine is stil a prototype, however, both Oreo and Maya Design await a big success. Maya Design hopes the next invention is a vending machine that be connected to a phone using WeChat, the Chinese answer to WhatsApp. Well, can’t wait to hear about it!

3D Printed Food: Oreo personalized cookies

Stay tunned with this invention on Oreo’s Twitter.

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