Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations

This week we published the 10 most festive Christmas cities. Now, we give you the most wanted new year’s eve destinations. Buckle up, we are going worldwide!

10 – Bangkok

Bangkok - most wanted new year's eve destinationThe new year in Thailand is in April (Songkran Festival), however, they go big for the international new year’s eve celebration as well. And the greatest celebrations happen in three main places – Central World Mall, National Stadium and Sanam Luang, the open space near the Grand Palace where you can enjoy Thai dance performances and traditional and contemporary music shows.

9. Sidney

Sidney - most wanted new year's eve destinationsSidney is famous for its spectacular new year’s lightshow. “Against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour bridge, beside the Opera House, the fireworks hop and dance off the bridge and water.”

8. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - most wanted new year's eve destinationsLet’s samba! The new year’s eve party rocks the Copacabana Beach from 8pm to 6am. “Eleven barges stocked with 1,200 fireworks each, 40 sound towers and four screens will ensure that the two-million strong crowd will always remember where they saw in 2013.”

7. New York

New York - most wanted new year's eve destinationsTime Square is worldly known for the Ball drop at midnight. “Ahead of the big day, you can add your wishes for 2013 online or in person and your wish will be part of the confetti.

6. Moscow

Moscow - most wanted new year's eve destinationsThe Red Square may seem an odd place, however, we assure, it can be magical. Russian winter festivities and the celebrations are some of the biggest and best in the world. Don’t forget to get there as early as you can. In previous years the police have closed the square once they have felt that it has become too crowded.

5. Berlin

Berlin - most wanted new year's eve destinationsThe St. Sylvester is celebrated big in Berlin by the Brandenburg Gate. “The festival attracts one million revellers and takes place on Straße des 17. Juni between Brandenburger Tor and Siegessäule. Music, dancing, stage shows, and world-class, spectacular fireworks make New Year’s Eve in Berlin more than a match for, say, New York’s.”

4. Madeira

Madeira - most wanted new year's eve destinationsThough it may sound wierd, Madeira made the Guinness Book of Record just a few years ago with Macedo’s Pirotecnia. Why? For the largest firework display in the world. Yep! Fireworks are set off from about 50 posts, lighting up the skies over Funchal for about ten minutes.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam - most wanted new year's eve destinationsThe “Oudjaarsavond” (as Dutch people call it) is market with street parties and amazing fireworks. Amsterdam guarantees you a good time, “whether spent marvelling at fireworks, at impromptu outdoor revels or at New Year’s extravaganzas at the city’s multitude of top-notch nightspots.”

2. Paris

Paris - most wanted new year's eve destinationsParis is the city of love and light. To stand on the Champs-Elysees to see in the New Year is one of those do-before-you-die activities (believe me, I’m been there!). The fireworks by the Eiffel Tower seem to almost lift it off the ground.

1. London

London - most wanted new year's eve destinationsWatching the lightshow as the Big Ben strikes 12 on December 31 is magical. This is one of the iconic images of the New Year. One thing you won’t have to shell out for that night is the public transport. The Mayor picks up the bill for you.

Source: Delightfull Blog

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