Mostra Black 2013

"Mostra Black 2013"

Since 2011 that MostraBlack is being considered as one of the most important and best decoration tradeshow of Brazil.

"mostra black 2013"by Click Interiores

MostraBlack is an annual event that brings conceptual and creative content by the best architecture and décor professionals that come from different Brazilian states.

MostraBlack 2013 took place at one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the city and it brought art masterpieces, design pieces and the latest releases to the architecture and decoration market.

"mostra black 2013"by Kamy

During the 40 days of the show, the last five floors of Tower D, located at WTorre Plaza complex, next to Shopping JK Iguatemi, 30 spaces were decorated by a mix of new talents with renowned architects and decorators from Brazil.

"Mostra Black 2013"Consuelo Jorge
"Mostra Black 2013"by Dell Anno
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