Milan Women’s Fashion Week Fall 2014

Today is the end of yet another Milan Women’s Fashion Week, and the start of the Paris Woman’s Fashion Week – thus being an amazing week for us, fashion lovers! Milan is the stage to an astonishing catwalk, full of collors, mixing materials, providing romantic and exotic environments, taking several times the attendance to”WOW”.

Have a look at the tendences from the Milan Fashion Week.


Gucci | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Gucci | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

The show” started with Gucci‘s 3 p.m. catwalk, where jet-lagged editors were offered chocolate and champagne in a mirrored, cream-carpeted room off the Pizza Oberdan before being escorted into the first show. Like New York — and unlike London — Milan shows tend to start a half hour late, and Gucci was on Milan schedule.”


No.21 | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014No.21 | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

There were sparkly, patterned coats, dresses and separates, and skirts in feathers and lace paired with big knits and jeweled boyfriend coats. One coat, made of cow hide, was particularly memorable — a refreshing alternative to the many dyed and printed calf hair coats we’ve seen in recent seasons.

Max Mara

Max Mara | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Max Mara | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

The collection was based on the brand’s trusted wools, tweeds and cashmere but new voluminous, elongated silhouettes and patchwork constructions shifted the eye completely.”


Fendi | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Fendi | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

Fendi had some help broadcasting its message with a series of flying drones – illuminated disks that zoomed across the show space over guests’ heads and that transmitted real-time video to the folks back home in front of their computers. Futuristic act, was Fendi’s statement. From the collaged pieces of fur that were assembled like a puzzle over perforated leather coats to the rock crystals that scintillated like stars in a midnight sky of shaved mink, each look in this collection was an example of the phenomenal workmanship that only the Italians can muster.”


Prada | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Prada | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

Prada’s main design conceit was her magnificent colour blocking, which she achieved on stiff wool coats trimmed in contrast taping. From there, both the materials and the décor went into happy overdrive, moving to black and gold shearling trimmed in colourful cherry, lemon and rust curled lambswool.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Giorgio Armani | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

The oversized volume was a theme that weaved in and out of the collection as Armani introduced a new cropped wide-leg pant that was blown up with air. When cut in stiffened wool silk and paired with pointed flats the new silhouette looked fresh and fun.


Versace | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014Versace | Milan Women's Fashion Week Fall 2014

Brilliant shades of turquoise, jade and cinnamon – created a calming canvas that felt newly tranquil. Boxy jackets and trapeze shaped coats, especially in deeply hued couture duchesse silk satin, also gave the collection an altered – and welcomed – calibration. In fact, gold metal sprouted liberally along studded trims, on coin bracelets, across embellished bags, and even on gold embroidered sashes that wrapped around figure-hugging gowns, not unlike a beauty pageant queen.”

Souce: Milan Design Agenda and Vogue Italia

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