International Design & Architecture Awards 2013

The International Design & Architecture Awards reward the best in design from across the globe. Awards are given in 4 categories: Design and Architecture, Yacht and Aviation, Hotel and Property and Product Design.

The blog Design Build Ideas gives us their pick, and we agree.


19th Century Manor House, Portugal

Interior Designer: Gracinha Viterbo

Completion: 2011

mydesignweek | gracinhaviterbomydesignweek | gracinhaviterbomydesignweek | gracinhaviterbo

Kensington Mansion Flat, London, UK

Interior Designer: René Dekker
Completion: August 2011

mydesingweek | René Dekkermydesingweek | René Dekkermydesingweek | René Dekker

The Lancasters Apartment, London, UK

Interior Designer: Intarya
Architect: Nilsson Architects
Completion: October 2012

mydesignweek | Intaryamydesignweek | Intaryamydesignweek | Intarya

Water’s Edge, Australia

Interior Designer: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace
Completion: December 2011

mydesignweek | Mark Gacesa of Ultraspacemydesignweek | Mark Gacesa of Ultraspacemydesignweek | Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace


You can have a look at all the participant here.

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