Hollywood Fashion Inspirational Icons

Hollywood has always been a source of inspiration for us, poor mortals. Some of the most influential people were actors and actress made immortal by the big screen. Today, My Design Week shows you the fashion icons Hollywood gave us.

Marilyn Monroe

mydesignweek_marilyn monroeThis is the red carpet dress that turned her into a fashion icon: white fur and satin dress. She wore it in 1954 for the premier of Walter Lang’s musical There’s No Business Like Show Business.

Rita Hayworth

mydesignweek_Hayworth, Rita (Gilda)_01Rita Hayworth played femme fatale Gilda in the Charles Vidor film, which would make her one of the biggest female stars of the forties. Here she has an ivory cigarette holder, floor-length sheath dress and white fur.

Grace Kelly

mydesignweek_grace-kelly.jpgGrace kelly not only became a real princess when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco but was Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite actress.

Marlene Dietrich

mydesignweek_desire-marlene-dietrich-1936mydesignweek_desire-marlene-dietrich-1936_Besides being a singer, Marlene appeared in a few Hollywood movies. In the images, she is wearing Satin dress by costume designer Travis Banton for Desire, 1936.

Elizabeth Taylor

mydesignweek_elizabeth-taylorHer philosophy is “Life’s not all about money, there are furs and jewelry as well,”.

Ingrid Bergman

mydesignweek_Ingrid-Bergman-Casablanca-1942Another Hitchcock muse. Here she is in Casablanca, 1942.

Source: Vogue


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