Fun Interior Design Ideas

Interior designers often focus on simple practical things or in lavished decorations, leaving a vital element behind: FUN! Yes, fun. Having fun and playing are some of the most precious things we can do, even as grown ups (supposely).

Today, My Design Week presents you with some great ideas to get your interior design juices flowing.


Swings | Fun Interior Design Ideas

This is the Blake House in London – a fun house! When was the last time you were in a swing? More on this house on Design Build Ideas.

Skating inside

Staking Inside | Fun Interior Design Ideas

Professional skateboarder Phillip Schuster turned his hunting lodge in Salzburg, Austria, into an indoor skate park. More on Skate Villa on Dezeen or have a look at the video on YouTube.

Indoor Slides

Indoor Slides | Fun Interior Design Ideas

How about sliding downstairs? The Sky House in New York has one the best slides ever. Have a look at other houses with indoor slides on io9.

Aquarium bed

Aquarium Bed | Fun Interior Design Ideas

For “sleeping with the fishes.” Have a look at the YouTube video.

Creative Bookshelves

Creative Bookshelfs | Fun Interior Design Ideas

Have a look at 20 Extraordinary Bookshelves here.

Musical Building

Musical Building | Fun Interior Design Ideas

It is not inside – but we love the concept! This house in Dresden, Germany, plays music when it rains. The water runs down this carefully designed gutters to make it sound lovely. Have a look at the YouTube video.

Feeling inspired?

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