Frankfurt Design Guide

Frankfurt Design Guide

In Frankfurt for Light + Building 2014? This historical city and largest finantial centre in continental Europa has much to offer, for all shorts of entretainment.

Design Stores

In Frankfurt you can find some of the best design stores in Germany. Stores like Purpur, Leptien 3, Hans Frick or the Selected Gallery will make you feel like you are in dreamland-design.

Design Stores | Frankfurt Design Guide

Arquitectural Landmarks

Being an historical city, Frankfurt is full of amazing places for arquitecture and design lovers. You can start by the the City Hall (Rathaus in German) continue to see the Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral and all of the the Römerberg area.

Römerberg | Frankfurt Design Guide

Over the Main and connecting the Römerberg and Sachsenhausen is the Eiserner Steg (iron bridge). On the other side you will find the Alter Oper (Old Opera) nicknamed “Germany’s Most Beautiful Ruin”, after being bombed during World War II. Reconstructed in 1981 with a new inscription “Dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten” (“To the true, the beautiful, the good”).

Alte Oper | Frankfurt Design Guide

21st-century architecture

Frankfurt has more than just historical buildings. Clear examples are Die Welle, Alte Stadtbibliothek (rebuilt), The Squaire in the Frankfurt Airport and MyZeil, a shopping center in the heart of the shopping area of Frankfurt.

MyZeil | Frankfurt Design Guide

Where to shop

Frankfurt is also a good city for shopping. You can choose between MyZeil (in the picture above) and the shopping streets: Goethestraße, Freßgass and Berger Straße, among others.

Shopping | Frankfurt Design Guide

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