Exclusive Interview With Gabriele Chiave

Gabriele Chiave

Gabriele Chiave knows no boundaries! In recent past, he collaborated with some of the top designers and luxury brands in the world and currently serves as creative director at Marcel Wanders Studio! CovetED caught up with him at Milan Design Week and today, My Design Week is going to show you everything about this amazing interview. Take a look:

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Question – What’s Your Creative Process and How do You Work in the Studio?

So, the creative process starts on an idea, in a sketch. But the beautiful thing of these companies we work with, the crafts and the heritage or the specific material, you have to go on the company, you have to develop pieces which are coming out from the fire, in really warm and though environments. The masters are tough guys and that’s the point, from all this power, there is this beautiful and delicate feminine material that comes out. And of course, the creative process in the Studio is different. We are 50 people, we work together.

Exclusive Interview With Gabriele Chiave

Question – What can you say about Murano Glass? And how you included in your designs?

It’s delicate, it’s Light, it’s colorful, it’s thin, romantic. One thing that connects Murano with Amsterdam is of course you know the two cities Amsterdam and Venice and they are connected through their canals and so on. And this chandelier has been done in Amsterdam and has been done in Venice and it reflects this because when we started we really took inspirations from as you see there are nice tulips, and of course, the shape itself causes a few tulip bulbs. There a concept between the two cities.

When you partner with a company, you really have to dig in their culture, their history, capacity and materials, and the beauty we are really proud to work with glass. And of course, the Murano one is a unique one. Cause it’s from the past, but it’s also, so specific. And of course the colors, you don’t see colors so much but probably in the future, you will see various ones. But it’s a very specific way of working, in a way that’s something that came in the process naturally and there is a very specific way of doing it.

Exclusive Interview With Gabriele Chiave

Exclusive Interview With Gabriele Chiave

Question – What’s your opinion about Craftsmanship in Design?

I believe that craftsmanship it’s essential in our work. Because something that we love is to look at the past and not to lose the expertise that in our modern design word has been lost for a while. And also, crafts make things more durable, there’s a quality into it, there’s passion. There’s something that makes the pieces of it much higher level quality. And that’s what we love the most about our work and the companies we work with are very much rooted in this reality.

Exclusive Interview With Gabriele Chiave


When it comes to craftsmanship, Gabriele Chiave believes it is essential in a designer’s work:

“Craftsmanship make things more durable, there is a quality into it, there is passion. There is something that makes the pieces be of a much higher-quality.”







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