Elita Design Week Festival in Milan

Elita Design Week Festival in Milan

As part of the Milan Design Week is the Elita Design Week Festival in Milan. Elita gives the Design Week a plus with music, talks, exhibitions with more than 40.000 people and 20 venues involved. It is known as the “The Design Week’ Soundtrack”.

Until Sunday, the last day of the MDW, expect a wide and organic series of musical and cultural events featuring a strong focus on entertainment.

Milano Design Award

Milano Design Award | Elita Design Week Festival in Milan

Reaching it’s 4th edition it remains the most prestigious award assigned during the Design Week, first and unique award dedicated to the best set-ups presented by the international brands of design.” The award winner will be announced Sunday. Previous year’s winners: Canon/Torafu, Panasonic/ Hirata, Moroso/Urquiola.

Elita Extras’Mall

Elita Extras'Mall | Elita Design Week Festival in Milan

The most avantgarde market of Design Week will offer a contemporary and unconventional interpretation of what today can be defined as maker’s design. ” This year you can see here over 50 selected projects with a focus on ‘tailor made’ interior design, fashion design and self publishing. Besides, the coffee shop and bakery, there is also a gardening project, social design, a comfort zone and the possibility of participating in workshops and exhibitions.


Elita Design Week Festival in Milan

Happening in over 20 venues. My Design Week’s favourites are Everything is Design by D Casa and Stage Design by by Arianna Vairo. See all exhibits here.

Sources: Songkick and Elita Design Week Festival

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