Detroit Design Festival: a design scream

In Detroit independent design is a certanty. The industries are design-driven, there they have world-class educational facilities.
Detroit Creative Corridor Center established the Detroit Design Festival (September 22-26) to connect creatives with one another, introduce them to new markets and consumers, and expose Detroit’s creative talent and collective design aesthetic to national and global audiences.

In preparation for this design festival The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) organized next week’s installment of Drinks x Design at OmniCorpDetroit. OmniCorpDetroit, a maker space where members create inventions, art and business plans (among a wide array of other things). The collective opened its doors in 2009. Next Thursday’s event is part of DC3’s Detroit Made by Detroit project that lends assistance to tinkers, makers, hackers and other area designers and craftspeople like those who spend time at OmniCorpDetroit and other local maker spaces including i3 Detroit, which hosted the after party for Detroit Maker Faire last month.

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The Detroit design community’s monthly schmooze-fest/educational event/excuse for a nice glass of pinot is presented by DC3 and Metro Times. Each of the monthly early-evening soirees are open studios meant to bring members of Detroit’s design/creative community over snacks and drinks in a fun social setting. Each installment of Drinks x Design has a different focus. July’s took an in-depth look at architecture, for example.

This is the last hurrah for Drinks x Design for a few months. In September, DC3 puts on Detroit Design Festival, and Drinks x Design goes on hiatus til the new year. Free tickets and reservations for the August 13 event are available atEventbrite. The fun starts at 5:30 at OmniCorpDetroit’s Eastern Markethackerspace. Attendees must be 21—after all, it’s not called “Kool-aid x Design.”

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·August Drinks x Design: Makers [Eventbrite]
·OmniCorpDetroit Hacker Space [Opportunity Detroit]
·Detroit Creative Corridor Center [DC3]
·Maker Faire Detroit Descends on Henry Ford [Curbed Detroit]
·i3 Detroit [i3 Detroit]
·July’s Drinks X Design Focuses on Architecture [Curbed Detroit]

Detroit screams independent design and it has a commitment to it. It is a festival that you cannot loose. What do you think? Comment on the comment section below!

Celebrate design!


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