Design Trends From Salone Del Mobile 2019

Salone Del Mobile 2019

Salone Del Mobile is the perfect place for those who admire the best of design. Every year, this tradeshow brings us the best of design with incredible stands, inspirations, and design trends. From Mid-Century Style to Mix Metals, these are the new design trends from Salone Del Mobile:

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Design Trends From Salone Del Mobile 2019

Nowadays, Mid-century interiors are all about organic style and ease of living, and that’s reflected in their structure. The simple lines and pure forms of mid-century styles are what makes it so iconic. It is simple without being boring but eye-catching without being fussy. Furniture is kept simple and without unnecessary elements.


Design Trends From Salone Del Mobile 2019

The neoclassic design style has a varied color palette with colors such as cream, gray, blue, yellow and green taking the center stage whereas tones like luster black, red, gold and silver are mostly used as patches of color to highlight the overall style.


Design Trends From Salone Del Mobile 2019

While trends like copper and rose gold may not be as strong as they used to be, chrome and anodized surfaces are bound to quite in fashion for 2019, especially the first one that is the perfect fit with the 2019’s standout colors, all of which just like this metal embody warmer qualities. It provides more textures and layers to the interiors and this strategy is actually rather effortless and it makes your home quite special.

Design Trends From Salone Del Mobile 2019


Lacquer is a multi-layered varnish technique that creates a beautiful and durable finish. It comes in any color imaginable and ranges in sheen levels from matte to glossy. In contemporary design, lacquered accessories and furniture are on the rise. High gloss lacquer is a wonderful way to add a fun and interesting element to your kids’ room.


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