>Casa Cor São Paulo 2013 DESIGN IN BRAZIL


South America’s biggest design event, Casa Cor, which tours cities across the continent showcasing trends in architecture, decor and landscaping, is coming to São Paulo for its 27th edition, setting up camp at the Jockey Club through most of July.

"ambientes casa cor 2013"Adriana Noya

For the first time this year, participating designers and architects were chosen by a board of curators, and were asked to stick to a residential theme. Look out for the work of architect Adriana Noya, whose eco-friendly space, pictured above, won her the ‘Most Sustainable’ project award at the event last year.

"casa cor 2013"
Alan Vaz Mascarenhas
"casa cor 2013 "
Regina Carvalho & Bruna Carvalho
"casa cor 2013 "
Patricia Hagobian
"casa cor 2013 "
Rosa May Sampaio
"casa cor 2013 "
Olegario de Sá & Gilberto Cioni
"casa cor 2013"
Ana Maria Vieira Santos
"casa cor 2013"
Andrea Teixeira & Fernanda Negrelli
"casa cor 2013"Brunete Fraccaroli
"casa cor 2013"
Camila Klein
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