Budapest Design Week

Budapest Design Week – 25/09/2015 – 04/10/2015

This autumn Budapest Design Week organised for the 11th time brings the best of Hungarian
and international design to the Hungarian capital, offering a wide range of programs between
3rd and 12th October. The main sponsor and the patron of the festival is the Hungarian
Intellectual Property Office, its leading professional partners are the Hungarian Design Council
and Design Terminal, and it is organised by HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency.
The slogan of Budapest Design Week 2014 is FIGURATIVE SENSE. Our everyday lives are more
and more pervaded by technology and the internet, by the use of smart devices. This trend has
a significant effect on design as well. The flagship programs of the festival aim at presenting
the common grounds, the possibilities, the most recent results and current issues of design
and technology through case studies, examples, presentations and thought-provoking

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