Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week – 23/09/2015 – 07/10/2015

Beijing Design Week includes seven main sections, namely opening ceremony, Beijing Design
Awards, Beijing Design Fair, Theme Exhibitions, Beijing Design Forum, Guest City and Design
Beijing Design Week was initially launched together with International Design Alliance
Congress 2009, which was the first to be held in China. It then becomes an annual event since
2011, not only helping to promote the cultural development of Beijing and its construction of
“national cultural center” and “world-class city”, but also contributing to the Chinese capital’s
application for the UNESCO title of “city of designl”, which it earned in 2012. As a platform to
present the overall strength of Beijing as a “design capital”, Beijing Design Week further
establishes itself as a brand and stands as the only internationally recognized, A-level creativity
activity in Chinese mainland, which is also included in the “global design map”; in 2013, Beijing
Design Week puts much emphasis on “Beijing Design Fair”, integrating professional and social
resources, supporting the development of design industry as well as Beijing’s construction of
“city of design” and “smart city”.

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