World’s Greatest Halloween Festivals

Looking forward to dressing up tomorrow night? My Design Week wants you to embrace the Halloween spirit by giving you a world tour of some of the weirdest and spookiest celebrations.

Village Halloween Parade – New York city

mydesignweek_village halloween parade new york city

Gathers more than 50,000 paraders who revel in 3 hours of festival fun in the West Village. Everyone can be a parader as long as he is in a costume.

Weaved into the parade are 50 bands from around the world, as well as dancers, giant puppets, artists, drag queens and thousands of New Yorkers in creative outfits who march down Sixth Avenue.”


Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball – Salem, Massachusetts

mydesingweek_salem Halloween_ Witches_ball_

Famous for the Salem Witch Trials, the small city of Salem is so into Halloween they celebrate during the entire month of October.

Hundreds of costumed patrons flock to Salem as fires are burned on hilltops, while witches gather to cast spells for the new year and to honor the dead during Samhain (the ancient name for “Halloween”).”


The London Dungeon


The London Dungeon has been giving ‘fun’ fear to visitors since 1976.

It is an “interactive experience that takes visitors through London’s bloody past. Come face-to-face with notorious villains like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, as well as horrifying events such as the Black Plague.”


Halloweek – Toronto


The well-know Halloweek takes place in the Church Wellesley Village, Toronto’s largest gay neighborhood.

The weeklong festival is chockfull of events, attractions and, as you might guess, tricks and treats. Visitors (both gay and hetero) can enter Jack-o’- Lantern carving contests and ghoulish dining tours.”


The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor – Long Beach, California


The Queen Mary is said to be one of the most haunted places – and most festive – in the world.

The experience at Dark Harbor is unique and quite unpredictable: Visitors venture through 6 terrifying mazes haunted by more than 200 monsters and ghosts, many of which are inspired by the actual spirits that haunt the ship.” – All abord!


Banks of the Foyle Hallowe’en Carnival – Derry, Ireland

mydesignweek_banks of the foyle halloween carnival_derry ireland

On the Halloween week thousands flood the streets wearing homemade inventive costumes.

Halloween is taken so seriously here that pubs refuse pints to those who don’t dress up! All weekend, visitors take to the streets and the town’s main square (including a 17th-century walled-in city within a city) for a fireworks display and carnival parade.”


Knott’s Scary Farm – Buena Park, California

mydesignweek_knott's scary farm

Prepare yourself for 160 acres of horror. Their slogan is no joke: “walk in, freak out“.

More than 1,000 monsters, 13 mazes and 4 scare zones make up Knott’s Scary Farm. (…) This year promises to up the scare quotient with Trapped, an all-new, interactive maze that allows 6 visitors through at a time, with one catch — there’s no escape.”


Source: Travel Channel

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