Winners 2013 Eat Drink Design Awards

The Eat Drink Design Awards supports innovation and excellence in the design of hospitality. The aim is to reward Australia and New Zealand’s best projects in six categories. My Design Week, tells us all about the winners.

Best Bar Design – Hihou

mydesignweek_HIHOUBy designer Denton Corker Marshall, Melbourne. “From its enigmatic entry portal, through the dark, compressed approach corridor, to the tense architectonic space of its first-floor bar, Hihou is a poised and dramatic exercise in spatial experiences.”

Best Bar Design – Prahran Hotel

mydesignweek_prahran hotelBy Techne Architects, Melbourne. The Prahran Hotel in Windsor “makes an unambiguous declaration to passers-by: this is a place to enjoy a sociable drink in a reimagined version of the corner pub.”

Best Restaurant Design – Farmhouse

mydesignweek_farmhouse1mydesignweek_farmhouse2By designer Nicholas Gurney, Sidney. “With minimal but precise moves Farmhouse creates a bucolic dining fantasy, not only in the midst of dense urbanity but also in a highly competitive gastronomic area.”

Best Cafe Design – Top Paddock Cafe

Mydesignweek_Top Paddock CafeBy Six Degrees Architects & Nathan Toleman Design & Construction. It “recognizes that in contemporary cafe culture dining out at any time, for any meal, can become an occasion. Sunday brunch may be “the new black”.”

Best Temporary Design – Kitchen by Mike on Wheels

mydesignweek_Kitchen By Mike on Wheels

mydesignweek_Kitchen By Mike on Wheels2By designer Koskela Pty Ltd., Rosebery. “pop-up diners and temporality are increasingly part of the gastronomic scene, Kitchen by Mike on Wheels takes the idea of mobility and performative kitchens a step further.”

Best Retail Design – Spring Street Grocer

mydesignweek_spring street grocer

mydesignweek_spring street grocer2By KGA Architecture, Fitzrot. This Melbourne “sexy little corner shop is aptly named, as it brings a sense of spring, bounce and freshness to an otherwise hard street corner.”

Best Identity Design – Bar di Stasio

mydesignweek_Bar Di StasioBy Collegamento – David Pidgeon, Robert Simeoni & Callum Morton, St Kilda. “no aspect of the integration of food, culture, art and design has been casually considered, no opportunity neglected, in elegantly and earthily projecting the persona of this new endeavour.”

Have a look at the Official Website, for more information on the winners and designers.

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