Sneek peak – 2013 Dutch Design Awards

The Dutch Design Week wants you to see “the world of tomorrow is already in the making today. Smart solutions and inventive design offer new promising perspectives.”

From 19th to 27th October, you will be able to see first hand the latest work of more than 2,000 designers, discuss the pieces with them “and experience the beauty and power of Dutch design from close-by.”

mydesignweek_dutch design week1

As an important part of this are the Dutch Design Awards that reflect and acknowledge the best design developments.

It has become a trend for designers to show and/or find solutions for social and economic issues related to matters such as mobility, aging, sustainability, healthcare, integration, climate, well-being, social interaction (…)”

The winners are choosen within these categories: Communication, Product and Spacial.

Other prizes are: MINI Young Designer Award, Best Client Award, Future Concepts Award, Public Award, BNO Piet Zwart Prize – Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Golden Eye.

mydesignweek_dutch design week2

The winners were announced on Saturday, 19th. Also, the works of all finalists and winners can be visited at a special exhibition in the building Gerard (Torenallee).

The ‘big winner’ was Iris van Herpen with her Voltage Collection, who won in the Fashion subcategory and took home the prestigious Golden Eye.

mydesignweek_dutch design week_iris van herpen_voltage

mydesignweek_dutch design week_iris van herpen_voltage2

The Creators Project website classifies her style in a way My Design Week agrees: “Iris van Herpen’s Lastest Fashion Collection Looks Like What You’d Get If Aliens Invaded Versailles” – See their full article here.

My Design Week would have liked to display the rest of the winners work. Unfortunately, it is not yet available online. Please have a look at the full list of winners on the Dutch Design Awards website.

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