Preview Venice Design Week

The 4th Edition of Venice Design Week, happening from 12th to 20th October 2013 presents a series of events involving creativity and art in crafts and industrial fields.

The Week starts on Saturday with the competition ‘Friendly Things‘ where invited designers reflect about the development of objects, systems, and equipments that could help people in their daily activities.


The goal is to bring attention on functionality of objects and not only on their aesthetic aspects; the objects have to be simple to use.


Venice Design Week consists of meetings, visits, workshops and first of all, of international competition of Design. The first prize is € 5.000.

According to The Competion Blog:

‘The aim of the competition is to inspire participants to create objects used in daily life which respond to the following requirements:

  • must be designed to facilitate the individual and/or community;
  • must be easy to use;
  • must respect the environment;’



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