Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer

Published on: Aug 21, 2019

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Meet Maria Borovskaia, a top Russian interior designer that has been delivering us the most amazing interior settings you’ll ever get to admire! Her luxurious interiors are meant to impress every interior design aficionado, that lives for the exquisite lifestyle.


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The interior design world is filled with talented and expert designers, that are capable of establishing absolutely incredible settings. Every designer shares their own design identity, style, and trend preference, but the result is tremendously amazing. Maria Borovskaia is the ultimate proof that that is real, within the circle of the top Russian interior design. Her amazing projects and the feedback of her clients are definitely the best part of her everyday work because they “understand the amount of invested effort on your part”. She also claims that each project sits on a specific concept and story, and always presents a different yet exquisite result. “See the result of your labors and the smiles of your customers, gradually moving from an idea and layout to a dream home. Each interior has its own story, its own characteristics, and in the course of our work we create and make the whole organism breathe, called a house”.


Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer


Maria happily states that she loves her job. No, it’s not correct to say the job. A calling!”. It’s with that mantra, that the designer is able to overcome all of her obstacles, and it doesn’t matter which project it could be. “Each of the times is complicated in its own way and beautiful in its own way. After all, how to live without difficulties? This is boring”. She believes that every difficult time is a test to make her better as a designer! But even with that motto, there are some difficult phases to overcome. “But seriously, the most difficult period for me is when I left a large company, where each project was brought to me on a silver platter and went on a free voyage. When I created a set of studios, without understanding how this is done. When I was looking for a team. But this is truly the most wonderful time because professional meaning is in the “process” and not at the endpoint of the result”.


Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer


The interior designer questions if it’s possible to be satisfied with every result while being an artist because every artist is constantly searching for something bigger and better. But on a more serious and dreamy note, Maria Borovskaia would like to to do a large-scale modern city. Although she has not achieved everything she wants in her professional life, she is completely fulfilled by each customer that appears as happy and satisfied as they can possibly be, due to her incredible interior settings. With that, her goal is to break through the common and normal standards and achieve the most spectacular spaces, that every interior design lover. And, to achieve that fulfillment, she maintains a “very warm relationship with the audience, but with a share of subordination. I love to laugh at myself, and generally have a good sense of humor (I hope), and occasionally make my readers laugh with humorous sketches”.


Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer


By keeping a close relationship with her clients, she’s able to pay attention to them all and assess their personality and tastes. The interior designer shares a specific style of clients, that are mainly focused on their quick and lavish lifestyle. “First and foremost, our customers are amazing people. Basically, they work a lot and are passionate about their work. Each individuality, but all the selection – successful, travel a lot and work too much. “I myself work seven days a week, and sincerely get pleasure from it. I’m not one of those people who come and complain about life in the evening”. She also likes to keep up with every kind of information from clients, designers, and contractors, in order to perform her job in the best way possible. “But I also show my expertise at the proper level, I am interested in polemics with all kinds of figures, with clients, contractors, designers. I like to talk about the urgent, painful and show all the building dust that flies into the eyes of customers (I’m conditional). I am a certain exposer of myths in the design field. And I will continue”.


Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer


Right now, the interior designer shares a total of eight projects in development, and with that, she’s able to travel a lot, where she finds a great amount of inspiration, from every place and also her clients. “And for all my workload, I manage to travel. This is part of my job. After all, it is during travels that I take impressions and ideas, which I then embody in design. My clients inspire me as well, and my ability to read, see and notice every detail in order to subsequently develop a very special style for each customer. People are my inspiration. Everyone who surrounds me brings a piece of himself to my life, and, accordingly, gives me a reason for thought and reaction”. She’s also able to create amazing projects thanks to her team of experts that she’s happy to teach. “I have a team where I am the chief architect and designer, and there are also apprentices whom I teach and which instill a taste in design. For visualization, we are responsible for an individual person, as in any other design studio. We complete all projects from idea to implementation and finale ourselves”.


Presenting Maria Borovskaia, a Top Russian Interior Designer


When it comes to her opinion on trends, she believes that minimalism and the environment are the ones that will prevail in the interior design world. “People were tired of sparkles and rhinestones, people wanted minimalism. But it’s not standard minimalism in its presentation, but with gloss elements, where against the background of a minimalist interior there are key points around which an interior is tied that attracts your eye. Among other things, one of the main trends is environmental friendliness. But like any trend, this is an occasion for lies. Now everyone is obsessed with recyclable materials, the recycling of materials. It is fashionable, cool and at the peak of popularity”. As far as craftsmanship goes, she’s happy to say that Portuguese brands such as Boca do Lobo, Luxxu, Rug’Society, Essential Home, BRABBU, DelightFull, Maison Valentina, Circu and many more, are leading the way in the interior design world.




When discussing the future, the interior designer firmly believes that it belongs to the millennials, because they “are different, they look at life differently, do not understand many things, they are restrained and calm, and even children who have grown up in wealthy families look at the interior in a new way”. She also states the technology will play an even bigger role in our lives, especially within the interior design industry. “Houses will be created without human help, which minimizes human errors and errors, but absolutely eliminates individuality, as the Kartel recently introduced a chair that was completely created by the intellectual brain (under the direction of Philip Stark). In my opinion, in such things, there is no main thing – the soul. It is difficult to replace creative professions with a robot, although everything goes to this”.






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