Inspiring Luxury Interior Designs By Sarah Folch

Sarah Folch

Sarah Folch has been creating an incredible interior design career for over 25 years in the Spanish Barcelona. Sarah herself has been building a career into being considered one of the top interior designers of Spanish origins out there who’s been involved in a variety of interior project types. Today, My Design Week brings you an exclusive interview. So keep on reading if you wanna find out more about their vision about interior design.

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Throughout the years, Sara Folch Interior Design has been widely recognized as one of the best interior design studios in Spain. The studio has been proven to be able to take on a variety of elements such as apartment design as well as urban building designing. Among Sarah Folch’s greatest accomplishments we can point to her team’s take on projects from several places. Among them is a luxurious restaurant for Hotel Arts in Barcelona, the expansion and refurbishing of an old 1,000 m2 chalet to a modern mansion in the heart of Paris and their involvement in the construction of a business complex of more than 15,000 m2. You can find this company as well at Colombia and México interior design studios.

Inspiring Luxury Interior Designs By Sarah Folch
Image Credit: Sarah Folch

When asked about what she loves the most about her work, Sarah Folch answers that she enjoys creating for other people, enjoying a feeling of fulfillment every time she helps someone’s dream to be brought to life and becoming a reality. However, curiously enough this was not the biggest challenge that the Spanish designer has ever managed to conquer.

“When I decided to create a large family without giving up my study of interior design. With three young children and work, projects … I had to get creative to not give up the two important purposes of my life, create a family and a career, while enjoying both. “

Inspiring Luxury Interior Designs By Sarah Folch
Image Credit: Sarah Folch

Folch has admitted to feeling fulfilled whenever she sees that creativity has become a reality along with witnessing the client’s reactions whenever the final product is revealed. However, she feels that she has a lot to accomplish:

“I have achieved a lot, but every day I gain more dreams. Because life is meant for dreaming and you work so that dreams are fulfilled. One of my pending dreams, on which I am working, is to create a foundation related to interior design.”

Inspiring Luxury Interior Designs By Sarah Folch
Image Credit: Sarah Folch

Sarah Folch’s style is best defined as being polished, elegant and timeless. Whenever she and her team take on a new challenge one of the cares she takes is adapting to the style of the projects. With the aforementioned features, she manages to easily please more than one taste. From her point of view, each decor style is timeless and dignified, yet she finds every style of interior decor wonderful.

Inspiring Luxury Interior Designs By Sarah Folch
Image Credit: Sarah Folch

In order to help her achieve the desires of the clients, Sara Folch Interior Design counts with a team of technicians, architects, engineers, and craftsmen who provide a complete servicing for all project phases. From production to delivery of the final product the team manages to take care of many details in order to achieve the ideal vision of the customer. The designs presented throughout the projects are all made by Sarah Folch, who works under the philosophy that each client is unique and his project is also unique.

“I tailor each of my projects to my clients and work with them to complete the project to a standard that meets their wishes. I enjoy creating for people, and I try my hardest to communicate with them about what they want out of my designs. My audience is my inspiration.”

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Right now Sara Folch Interior Design is working on a series of interior design projects in different countries. One of the measures she usually takes in different jobs and cultures is she studies the culture, and adapts her work to its way of living. Communication, for her, is an essential element for the future of the industry. As a communicator, the Spanish interior designer manages to keep her networks up to date regularly.

Image Credit: Sarah Folch

From Folch’s point of view, it’s important to create a union between technology, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Inspired by past idols such as Wright, Mies Van der Rohe or Gaudi and currently Peter Zumthor, Nouvel and Zaha Hadid she above all define “human passion” as one of the main elements behind her work.

“At the level of interior design, many of us work with this human passion. In all my projects, I have a great team of craftsmen who together create furniture, fabrics, handles, rugs, details, embroidery, and endless details … to customize each project. I am very grateful for their support, without them designers’ projects couldn’t be done.”


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