Food Design: Best German Chefs

In the same week the 2014 Michelin Star Restaurants list came out, My Design Week tells you all about the rewarded German Chefs – so you don’t miss out on the best food.

German Chefs’ creative cooking has embraced ingredients from far outside Germany’s borders, and a clientele willing to pay for it.

Sven Elverfeld

Sven Elverfeld | Best German ChefsSven Elverfeld is the Chef for Acqua, the Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg. He “has continually refined his modern European cuisine of the highest standards in our signature restaurant AQUA. He often discovers an inspirational source of ideas in his Wolfsburg surroundings — the Autostadt, a place filled with contrasts. Visual esthetics as well as a never-varying high quality characterize his creations and have earned him his most recent honors.”

Sven Elverfeld | Best German Chefs

Claus-Peter Lumpp

Claus-Peter Lumpp | Best German ChefsClaus-Peter Lumpp is the amazing Chef behing the creations at Restaurant Bareiss in Baiersbronn-Mitteltal. “What awaits you here is not an everyday occurrence: the huge culinary experience. These pleasures are so extraordinary, composed with such concentration and care for you personally – the aroma, taste, colours, fine nuances, differing consistencies, sweet and salty, soft and crisp, etc.”

Claus-Peter-Lumpp | Best German Chefs

Joachim Wissler

Joachim Wissler | Best German ChefsJoachim Wissler runs the Vêndome, the restaurant for the Althoff Grandhotel Schlossberg in Bergisch Gladbach. “Joachim Wissler’s restaurant is a proponent of neue Deutsche küche, a doctrine that sees German restaurants break away from Gallic influence. Germanic ingredients and traditions come to the fore, often in a highly technical, avant-garde way.”

Joachim-Wissler | Best German Chefs


Juan Amador

Juan-Amador | Best German ChefsJuan Amandor owns his own restaurant in Mannheim. He was awarded his first Michelin Star at 25 when he was executive chef at the restaurant Petersilie in Lüdenscheid. “In 2004 I opened my first own restaurant “Amador” in Langen near Frankfurt. There I created for my guests my very own interpretation of Spanish cuisine – inspired by Ferran Adrià’s revolutionary way of cooking.

Juan-Amador | Best German Chefs

Thomas Bühner

Thomas Bühner | Best German ChefsThomas Bühner is the Chef at La Vie in Osnabrück. “I would describe my cuisine as modern French cuisine with various other influences.

Thomas-Bühner | Best German Chefs

Christian Bau

Christian Bau | Best German Chefs3 Michelin Star Chef Christian Bau runs the Victor’s Gourmetrestaurant Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig. He “is one of Europe’s finest chefs, consistently serving high-end food. Christian constantly evolves the classic modern cuisine, introducing innovative styles and developing ground-breaking trends.

Christian-Bau | Best German Chefs

Klaus Erfort

Klaus Erfort | Best German ChefsKlaus Erfort runs his own restaurant, the Gästehaus Klaus Erfort, in Saarbrücken. “As executive chef at the restaurant “Orangerie” at the Parkhotel Gengenbach, I was awarded my first star. (…) With my GästeHaus Erfort I experienced what I would describe as the greatest highlight of my career, the award of my third star in 2008.”

Klaus Erfort | Best German Chefs

Harald Wohlfahrt

Harald Wohlfahrt | Best German ChefsHarald Wohlfahrt is the Chef for the Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube at the Hotel Traube Tonbach in Baiersbronn. “In the Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube you can look forward to great culinary tastiness which made the three-michelin-star chef Harald Wohlfarth to one of the best in Europe.

Harald Wohlfahrt | Best German Chefs

Kevin Fehling

Kevin Fehling | Best German ChefsKevin Fehling runs the Belle Epoque at Columbia Hotel Casino Travemünde. “34-year-old Kevin Fehling pursues one of the most exciting and most refreshing approaches to food anywhere in Germany.(…) His dishes reflect his profound understanding of food, which promises great things still to come.

Kevin Fehling | Best German Chefs

Helmut Thieltges

Helmut Thieltges | Best German ChefsHelmut Thieltges runs the Waldhotel Sonnora, one of the five best restaurants in Germany. “discreetly and without great mentors, he has transformed his parents’ hotel into a universally acclaimed gourmet restaurant, which receives top ratings in every good food guide.”

Helmut Thieltges | Best German Chefs

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