Fashion Trends in Home Decor

There is always a parallel between fashion trends and home decor. For spring 2015, what is happening on the runways will be ‘transported’ to your home.

Delft – the blue-and-white pottery named after its town of origin in Holland. Artist Bouke de Vries explores the importance of the style as a reflection of national heritage with his work while Deborah Osburn offers a maximalist and modern approach by manipulating the scale of Delft tiles with her seventeenth-century collection.

Delft | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Delft - Heritage Sideboard from Boca do Lobo

Memphis Group – the Italian Postmodern design movement founded by Ettore Sottsass characterized by color, irregular shapes, and 20th-century materials. Memphis architecture, furniture, and ceramics were a theme at Bauhaus and De Stijl.

Memphis Group | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Memphis Group | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Josef Frank – Oscar de la Renta delightfully channels Josef Frank in this flourishing spring coat. The Austrian-born designer, who adopted Sweden as his home, had a profound impact on modern Scandinavian design by forsaking the severe and clinical approach of Vienna Modernism for something more colorful, whimsical, and chaotic.

Josef Frank | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Navajo-inspired – The bold geometry and earthy palate of indigenous Southwestern motifs found in Navajo textiles and pottery are a trend. Both Ralph Lauren Home and studio Coral & Tusk frequently look to the American West for inspiration.

Navajo | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Coral – elegant shapes in rich colors are a source of inspiration for artists and designers, from Venetian glass to lighting fixtures and embroidery. Alberto Pinto uses coral’s organic sense of symmetry and plays with contrasting colors in his Lagon tableware collection.

Coral | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Wiener Werkstätte – graphic style and structured motifs. The popularity of the Neue Galerie, which celebrates early 20th-century German and Austrian art and design, is a testimony to the group’s enduring relevance and sells editions of Hoffmann and Moser’s original designs.

Wiener Werkstätte | Fashion Trends in Home Decor Wiener Werkstätte | Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Via: Fashion Design Weeks

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