Exclusive Interview With Katerina Goodwill, An Amazing Russian Design

Katerina Goodwill

Today, My Design Week brings you an exclusive interview with Katerina Goodwill, a top and highly promising Russian Interior Designer. So keep on reading if you wanna find out more about their vision about interior design.


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In an informal setting, the first question that we had for Katerina Goodwill is the most obvious question of them all: “What do you love the most about what your work?”. Without any surprise, Katerina response was emphatic! She stated that she loves “creating a certain symbiosis of objects, materials, textures in a single new product that can not be repeated twice because too many different factors affect its birth”. This love for creativity and her passion for innovation is clearly a part of her design trait.

Exclusive Interview With Katerina Goodwill, An Amazing Russian Design
Image Credit: Katerina Goodwill

As one of the most promising Russian Designers in today’s Russian Design Industry, Katerina has a lot of projects on her design agenda! In fact, she considers that her strong workload is a strong challenge but one that she loves to have. When asked about what was her most changeling project, Katerina recollects the time it was necessary to transform a studio in a very short time, however with some creative time management she managed to accomplish the task!

Exclusive Interview With Katerina Goodwill, An Amazing Russian Design
Image Credit: Katerina Goodwill

“Sometimes it seems to me that a 100% satisfied artist is a “dead” artist”. This strong quote is probably the best response that Katerina could give when asked if achieved everything she wants in life! She still as many goals to achieve and those include continuous professional growth and probably a move to a more warmer place, but what really is on Katerina’s goal agenda is the desire to continue to work in “her style, in her terms”. With the constant desire for self-improving and self-growth, it’s easy to understand why she says that “After finishing any project or object, I know for sure what I will do differently in the future in a different way”. This mind concept works clearly as one of the most powerful engines of professional growth. Like a Professional Designer, Katerina founds professional fulfillment in the object proportion of functionality and artistic component. In this concept in mind, she compares it to the human body: “it is healthy and beautiful and at the same time unique and deeply unique”.

Exclusive Interview With Katerina Goodwill, An Amazing Russian Design
Image Credit: Katerina Goodwill

Katerina didn’t start her career as a Designer, but rather as a Teacher in an Institute. It was this job that gave her the experience she required for communicating with various audiences, a professional trait so much needed in the Design Industry. This incredible professional basis allowed her to develop a strong sense of Communication, but also an incredible sense ou Structure: “The surest working principle is when you know all the stages and nuances of your profession so much that with simple examples you can explain the purpose and essence of each stage in a very structured and understandable way”.

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Katerina is currently working on several projects at the same time and most of them are corporate or public projects. She considers these projects as interesting as hospitality or private projects because they are special in their own way because you are required to solve the problems of business design! She also has some private interiors in her agenda and it’s in these projects that she can gain a more creative view by promoting a more personal approach and work with a specific person.

Exclusive Interview With Katerina Goodwill, An Amazing Russian Design
Image Credit: Katerina Goodwill

In her studio, Katerina works with a highly professional team that helps her create some stunning projects. The studio has a department of decor with professional artists with a classical academic education that, alongside Katerina, are able to design multi-scale projects and perform a variety of tasks that can respond to all the client’s needs. All of the professionals that work with Katerina and herself must obey the unique characteristic of design creativity. Without any Doubt, Katerina values Creativity and this is one of her strongest points. She loves to use that creative passion to help others with fewer means to fulfill their creative vision and, by doing that, she manages to provide a top service and fulfill one of her greatest talents.

Image Credit: Katerina Goodwill

When asked about the future of Design, Katerina believes that Interior Design will continue to grow and to value creative personalities! In the future, Light will continue o grow and to cement, it’s position as one of the fundamental parts of Design because Light can “be the center of attention, invisible and visible because it creates an atmosphere and helps to change it”. However, she strongly believes that the trend in the design world is still (and it will be at all times” the “manifestation of the incredible personality of one person who creates something around him that creates a trend that everyone else simply follows”.

Passione for Light and Lighting Designs, Katerina selects L’arte Luce and everything related to Murano Glass as her main Craftsmanship Inspirations. As for the furniture world, Katerina believes that classic carving and painting are probably the most powerful craftsmanship arts around and the ones she values the most in her designs, in fact, in her projects she uses a lot of Hand-Made Furniture that is created by local craftsmen.

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A good project example of Katerina’s is the stunning private apartment that we’ve been presenting during this article and whose concept involved the combination of different stylistic features with a noticeable influence of simple art deco forms. The complex nature of the project is enhanced by design techniques based on the invisible effect. This project is adorned with clean, straight lines, simple forms, but expressive design solutions! The presence of classical elements and Art Deco motifs help build a story and a space with the utmost openness!


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