Design Miami 2013 Highlights

The 2013 edition of Design Miami has had its biggest gallery programme to date. My Design Week tells you all about the galleries and happenings that ended yesterday.

Design Miami counted with 31 galleries in the main exhibition and six galleries presenting new works by single designers as part of the Design On/Site programme. There were also all sorts of satellite happenings to divert you day and night, in the Design District and South Beach, Miami, Usa, specifically in Meridian Avenue & 19th Street, Adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Centre, Miami Beach.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Galerie Patrick Seguin | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Caroline Van Hoek | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Design Miami is more than a marketplace for design. The world’s top galleries gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting and art objetcts.

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell – Booth OS03

Lady Gaga with Benjamin Rollins Caldwell | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

“Design and Conceptualization has always come naturally to me. Luckily, its also something that excites me. My operation is a modern studio furniture company that uses the skill and expertise of multiple craftsmen from different backgrounds. BRC Designs makes limited edition objects, one-of-a-kind pieces, and custom materials from the inception fo the idea. For me, the physical acto fo makign an object is just as important as the cognitive evolution of the concept. Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

Studio Job – Booth G14

Studio Job | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Graduates of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Job Smeets (b.1970, Belgium) and Nynke Tynagel (b. 1977, the Netherlands), form Studio Job. From the beginning, their collaboration resulted in highly expressive, usually one-off or limited-edition artesian works, often cast in bronze or, later, finely constructed in laser-cut inlaid woods.

Employing iconographic, pan-historic imagery which can be in the same moment both heraldic as well as cartoon-like, the results are consistently monumental and yet somehow primitive, and generally read neo-baroque, clearly fantasist, and certainly more mannerist than modernist.

Julien Carretero

Julien Carretero | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Julien Carretero studio presented their lighting collection CONTRAST at Design Miami/ with gallery Victor Hunt. You can find them in a venue adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Wendell Castle is considered the father of the art furniture movement. He has been a sculptor, designer, and educator for more than four decades. An influential artist, his work has led to the development of handcrafted, modern designer furniture as a major art form and his name is revered above all others in the field.

Simon Heijdens

Simon Heijdens | Design Miami 2013 Highlights

Having originally studied experimental film-making, the Dutch designer Simon Heijdens turned to product design when studying at the Eindhoven Academy and now applies the spirit and techniques of film to the development of objects – all of which explore his “fascination with evolution by changing over time to tell a story.

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