Design Inspirations: Shareen Joel Design

“Follow what you believe” Shareen Joel

Shareen Joel is a multi-disciplinary person. With knowledge in interior architecture, interior design and industrial design, she have her own practice that open its doors in 2003. The studio is characterized by authentic timelessness philosophy. Through her own studio, she’s known for pushing boundaries across all platforms of creative directive.
Her design style is known by its beauty in the most classic and unpretentious way – with no fuss or fluffy decorative details – with clean and clever traits. Shareen is always searching for creative inspiration – and never switch off searching – and she do it thorugh books, international magazines, internet, environment, travel, nature, family, friends.. the list doesn’t stop.


Shareen loves the work of Australian architects from the 50s to 80s, like Robin Boyd, Roy Grounds and Guilford Bell. Nowadays, the designer is following – and loving – the work of Tokujin Yoshioka and the work of Phoebe Philo at Celine. She also likes the work of Achille, Castiglioni, Mario Bellini, Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando.
Her dream project would be to work on a luxury yacht, to the designer all areas of transportation, from bikes to airplanes, are dream projects.

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Shareen had always been obsessed with everything that is visual, from product design to fashion and graphic design. Due to that she has done a BA Industrial Design at Royal Melbourn Institute of Technology (RMIT), a course of Transportation Design at the College for Creative Studies (CSS) and a VBA Registered Building Practitioner at Draftsperson Building Design.
Before open her own studio – SJD – she had worked at Ford for 10 years. When she open her studio, Shareen mission has to create a creative design studio that could cross all areas of design – from product through interiors, don’t forgetting architectural design and creative direction.
Her family background has one of the contributors to her present – Shareen family history has been in the rag trade. Her grandparents were tailors, her mother was always in the fashion industry and was a renowned fashion designer and her father has a strong engineering mind and knowledge of mechanics and manufacturing. It has been this background that had influenced Shareen to be a designer and ultimately to study industrial design.
Also, her husband Dean’s background is in marketing and he is an entrepreneurial person, business minded and had always encouraged Shareen to live her dreams and to take risks.

Be inspired by some of the photos of her projects:

my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-4 my-design-week-Shareen Joel Design my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-4 my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-7
my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-7 my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-7
my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-7 my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-t-residence my-design-week-shareen-joel-design-t-residencemy-design-week-shareen-joel-design-t-residence-10
Shareen is contemporary and fresh and will always inspire with her style and unique sense of design. what do you think of this interior designer projects? Comment on the comment section below!

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