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casa idea 2013

Casaidea, dell’Abitare Show, is an 360 degrees event dedicated to the world home, for professionals and the public.

Organized by MOA Cooperative Society, will be featured from 20th to 28th April, at Rome Ingresso. The date stands as a landmark event for an audience of extremely diverse visitors that found in the various areas of production, marketing and design some of its key stakeholders, professionals interested in proposing, launch and learn about the latest innovations and market proposals.

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Jurgen Wissenbach is an Italian brand of ICT Wissenbach GMBH, a multinational German company with presence in this event. They produce machine and hand knotted carpets, allways presenting new collections. This brand as the preasure to work with some of the best fashion designers Krizia, Fendi, Armani Casa, Dior and also Chevrolet Europe.

The artistic ceramics manufactured, Surrena Terracotta Falisca is one of the confirmed presences at the event. The pieces are enriched with decorations which revive the motifs of the majolicas of the Renaissance and of theBaroque period, and they are characterized by an ornate and compendius style.


With more than 50 years of passion, Stilema have been transformed a craftsman workshop into a leader manufacturing factory which nowadays produces everlasting original design and top quality furniture . Stilema Brand can be easily distinguished for its peculiar Styles which take inspiration from its city of Urbino, historic cradle of Renaissance Arts and dynamic, charismatic, generous land where the strong traditions give life to the excellence of the new up-to-date creations.


In the market from 1975 on, the brand Navello, is a commercial building industry that gradually abandoned in favour of the growing retail market, and over the last ten years the company has concentrated on the home and renovation markets, developing an increasingly specialist range of products with its own brands and designers.

Nature Design is one of the brands with presence in the event. The materials are the main preocupation for the new collection Nature Design have deep roots. Precious woods that tell stories savor through the natural surface imperfections and differences color of the grain. a journey whispered by unique and unrepeatable. Do not be surprised if our furniture differentiate one dallaltro, the woods are alive and evolving, it is their Nature.

Also present in CASAIDEA 2013 Rome, is Moschella Furniture a furniture shop in Rome that has 50 years of experience in the field. Their customers can find step by step in the custom furniture creations plans, providing by consultants and architects. The aim is to create beautiful home but at the same time comfortable and functional, providing maximum harmony with the environment.

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