The Amazing Design Project Of Olivia Wilde

The Amazing Design Project Of Olivia Wilde – Did you know that the Hollywood actress, Olivia Wilde, beside her representation skills is also an incredible interior designer? I know it seems hard to believe, that’s why today we are going to show you this amazing project that she had the pleasure to be part of! Take a look:

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It’s located in the heart of Madison Square Park and you can stay in this amazing tinny modern house for only 10$!The Amazing Design Project Of Olivia Wilde

Sustainability and interior decoration have always been some of the actress passions. When she heard that Dunkin’ was building a 275-square-foot house that functions on old coffee grounds and uses friendly environment materials, she didn’t have to think twice!

On the interior design, the actress wanted to incorporate furniture that it was playful but also sustainable. In the design space, she added reclaimed wood accents and scooping up flea market finds in the brand’s signature pink and orange colors.

The Amazing Design Project Of Olivia Wilde

This contemporary house is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee At Home since it runs on an alternative fuel made up of 80 percent coffee grounds. The color scheme that she picked also matches her bright personality!

The Amazing Design Project Of Olivia Wilde

The Hollywood icon explained the reason why she loved the idea of this modern design project. “Actors spend so much time in trailers. People think of a luxurious lifestyle, but for the most part, they’re in these tiny little motor homes,” said Olivia.

A short set of stairs leads you to the kitchen, but when it’s time to eat, you can pull them out to create a full-size table and benches to sit on.

The house is full of smart details like the retractable glass garage door that introduces you to the pop-out terrace with plenty of natural light. The cost of your stay also includes unlimited coffee and a range of snacks. If you share it with a friend or your lover, you’ll end up with $5-per-person amazing vacation place.

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