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Eating out is no longer just about taste: now people crave for a culinary experience.

Henry Richmond V. Young decided to step up the plate and mix ingenuity with innovation. So, he created Ad Tempus with the help of Chef Veronica Duboise. He wanted to create much more than a menu, he wanted people to have a new experience.

Young says: “I was most interested in the tension where design and food meet.”

henryrichmondyoung ad tempus

“The project was a real conversation between food and design. Two heads are better than one, especially when they have very different skills. My intention with the dishes was to show action and interaction with whatever was placed in them. Veronica gave me food to work with. I gave her plating to go with it. Or vice versa. We would argue, pushing and questioning each other’s ideas: “Why this ingredient?” “Can we use chocolate here?” “Oh, I was imagining this to be a really light dessert not so creamy.” Every time I pitched an idea she would either say yes or find a solution. Chefs are so well trained to adapt their work to fit standard plates – I believe there’s a real opportunity for design to push the boundaries.”

henryrichmondyoung adtempus

For his creations, he uses 3D printing to create both the eatable and non-eatable parts.

“3D printing simply amazed me and I saw great potential for its capabilities – not only because of its speed and accuracy for prototyping, but because of what else it’s capable of – the switching of material: ceramic, gold, glass, sugar… the quick alterations, the material efficiency,”, he adds.


“There is a stigma that my generation of designers are lazy because of this new technology. There are things like ‘the artist’s hand’ and inherent values that are lost in 3D printing, but I think the advantages outweigh them.”

“This project could only have been executed with the collaboration between the two disciplines. No doubt, this collaborative spirit has been done and is present in the industry – but we’re redefining the term “custom design” which is easily mistaken for ultra luxe and specific. My work with Veronica is specific but adaptable and evolving.”

Quotes souce: http://www.weheart.co.uk


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